Professional Liability (aka Malpractice or Errors and Omissions, E&O)

Protection for your liability to clients and third-parties for acts, errors or omissions within the scope of your profession. Many policies also provide risk management and pre-claim assistance in addition to defense and claims payments.

Employment Practices Liability

Claims and defense protection for your liability for employment-related allegations, such as wrongful termination, harassment and discrimination. Many policies also provide coverage for third-party allegations, as well as HR training tools and risk management assistance.

Directors and Officers Liability

Covers your officers and board of directors for claims resulting from breaches of duty of care that have adverse financial consequences to its constituents (i.e. clients, shareholders, employees, government, competitors, and vendors).

Cyber Liability and Data Breach Protection (aka Network Liability)

Covers your liability to clients for a data breach in which your clients’ personal information is exposed to or stolen by someone who has accessed your firm’s electronic network.

Crime (aka Fidelity, Profit Sharing Liability, Fiduciary Liability)

Protection for your loss of assets resulting from criminal acts such as burglary and robbery, and employee dishonesty.

Commercial Property

Protection for damage to your business property, such as building and contents, including labor and materials.

General Liability

Claims and defense protection for your liability for business operation allegations such as bodily injury, property damage, and personal injury.

Business Owners Policy (BOP)

Combines protection for major property and liability risks. You would purchase this type of policy in place of separate general liability and commercial property insurance plans.

Business Auto

Protection for use of your company’s vehicles in the course of carrying out business. Coverage may include vehicles owned or leased by the company, hired by the company or employee-owned vehicles used for business purposes.

Workers’ Compensation

Covers medical expenses and compensation benefits to employees who are injured or sickened on the job.


Three party instruments by which one party guarantees or promises a second party the successful performance of a third party.

Types of Bonds:

  • Performance
  • Indemnity
  • License
  • Payment
  • Court
  • Employees Dishonesty
  • Fiduciary
  • Replevin
  • Receiver or Bankruptcy Trustee Bond

Business Overhead Expense (BOE)

Protection to cover business expenses such as payroll, insurance, utilities, and rent if you become disabled.

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