Oklahoma Individual Health Insurance

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With so many different options, changing laws, and the cost of healthcare on the rise, deciding on the right Oklahoma Health Insurance can be confusing. If an accident or illness strikes, paying high medical costs out of your own pocket can be a financial disaster. If your employer does not offer an adequate health benefit, or you are self-employed, unemployed, retired, or a student, we can help you sort through the maze of different insurance options and find the right plan for your situation.

3000 Insurance Group will help you understand the different types of health insurance choices for you and your family. Although plans differ, they basically cover most medical, surgical, and hospital expenses and can cover prescription drugs. Some plans even offer preventive health care, immunizations, and dental coverage.

Health Insurance options in Oklahoma

Short-Term Medical

Affordable Care Act (ACA) plans

Travel Medical

Medicare Supplement


Our team of professionals at 3000 Insurance Group can help you sort through all the options and help you choose the right Oklahoma health insurance plan for your specific needs.